Gargantua are a RiO/avant-rock quintet from the Polish city of Cracow. The band, then consisting of Bartek Zeman (guitar, vocals), Justyn Hunia (keyboards, vocals), Leszek Mrozowski (bass) and Marcin Borowski (drums) debuted in 2003, recording an album called simply Gargantua. Released on Ars Mundi Records, it signalled the musicians' place at the fringe of the tradition of Rock in Opposition, avant progressive rock and linguistic poetry.

In 2007, after significant line-up changes (Justyn Hunia left the band, while pianist Pawel Kubica and violinist Tylda Ciolkosz joined in) and hard compositional work, Gargantua re-emerged with their sophomore release, Kotegarda. The album goes a long way further than its predecessor - it is the outcome of uncompromising and consistent search for eclectic and recognizable sound idiom that fuses rock, modern music, jazz and literature.

Kotegarda, released on Roadkill Music, features compact, meticulously thought-out compositions that use techniques usually associated with jazz and chamber music (dissonance, frequent changes of odd rhythms, polyrhythms, mixed meters, unorthodox harmonies, altered chords and polyphony). Careful listener will detect affiliations with contemporary music (Stravinski, Reich) and rock experimentation (Fripp, Firth, Univers Zero, krautrock).

Not long after the release of Kotegarda, Gargantua underwent more line-up shifts. Leszek Mrozowski and Marcin Borowski left, to be eventually replaced by Krzysztof Wyrwa (bass) and Grzegorz Bauer (drums). The two new members brought yet another quality to the band's music, adding to it a solid punch and rock energy, without compromising its tongue-in-cheek, experimental character.

In September 2011, Gargantua performed during the Rock in Opposition festival in Carmaux, France, receiving a very warm welcome. In August 2012, the quintet appeared during the 23rd Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan, Germany.

Currently Gargantua are planning to appear on stage during a variety of festivals all around the globe. The band are also composing new material and preparing to record a live CD/DVD.

contact: gargantua (at)